Factors That Influence the Choice of the Security Cameras and Systems
Selecting the best and most suitable security cameras and systems not only for residential but also for the commercial purposes is a challenging and overwhelming process bearing in mind the multiple types available in the market today. It is essential to always go for the right cameras to ensure that one selection one makes fits their needs efficiently and effectively. Several packaged systems are primarily designed to offer general use security systems while other dealers allow their clients to replace the general purpose security cameras and systems every time they feel the need and desire to advance to the more specialized systems and cameras. By reading through this article, a client interested in buying the security cameras can not only identify the options that meet their needs wholly with ease but also minimize the amount of time and resources spent on the entire process as well. Read on  Mobile Video Guard

Color or black and white cameras
While some security systems come packaged with color cameras, others are black and white. The color cameras are so popular and on high demand among most people across the world today as they enable the property owner to identify finer details of the individual captured by the systems by giving the color of the clothing and hair among many other elements relating to colors which are not the case with the black and white ones. Exciting as the color cameras idea may sound, the black and white systems, on the other hand, are relatively cheaper which makes them suitable for anyone that may be going through financial constraints and offer higher and better results in low quantities of light. The color cameras, on the other hand, have to switch o to black and white every time the light quality and quantity drops below optimum. Visit  http://mobilevideoguard.com

Night vision capability
The ideal color security systems should come with a night vision range of about 15 to 50 feet to assure the property owner that it can work effectively even in darkness. The market also offers the high powered night vision cameras with a range of about 150 feet which are the most reliable option in the market today. The night vision range is determined by numerous factors the primary one being the number of infrared LEDs that the camera comes with. Most of the general cameras come with a night vision range of between 15 and 30 LEDs. View  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h69GU4Jrfa8